New account page: easy navigation, bonuses and affiliate programs

VIPole is changing: we have expanded functionality, we are launching the open test of the affiliate programs and we will soon release the iOS version. Another important improvement that concerns every user is the updated account page on VIPole website. The account page is more functional and informative now, and the new interface allows managing the profile and services easily.

Business Account

The new account page provides expanded opportunities for managing Business accounts. The section with a list of business accounts became more functional and the data about the members of each account is clearly structured.

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Bonus program

Now all VIPole users can receive bonuses and use them instead of cash to pay for VIPole services. The referral link and the promo code for inviting new members are available on the account page. You can also keep track of the account balance here.

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Affiliate programs

Along with updating the account page, we start the open test of our affiliate programs, in which every VIPole user may participate. In the affiliate section of the account page, the affiliates of VIPole can monitor the results of their work and develop the promotion strategy in accordance with the rates in different activity areas.

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We are planning to make further improvements, therefore the account page you see now will be constantly refined. We will inform you about all developments on the website and in social media, subscribe to stay updated.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions about updated account page sent through the feedback form.

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