Bitcoin payments for all VIPole services

We consistently add privacy features to ensure that our users can always remain anonymous while communicating online. Secure sign up with no phone number needed and additional tools for maintaining confidentiality allow VIPole messenger users to own a secure space in the cloud for their conversations and data. Another feature developed to enhance privacy is payments in Bitcoin.

We have received a lot of feedback from the users who wish to feel more comfortable paying with Bitcoin. Now we have added and tested this feature, and you can evaluate its benefits. We believe that cryptocurrencies are a better way to make purchases online, this is why we have made VIPole services available for payments in Bitcoin. Other ways to purchase VIPole services include Visa, MasterCard, America Express, PayPal.

Using Bitcoin you can buy or renew Pro and Team subscription, top up your balance as well as purchase Enterprise solutions. Use Bitcoin for anything in VIPole that would extend your opportunities.

The benefits of paying with Bitcoin:

  • The purchases are discrete and are never associated with the identity of the users. Therefore, they can’t be traced back to them. As VIPole does not need the personal information of the senders for verification, all transactions stay strictly private.
  • All kinds of financial intermediaries including governments and banks have no access to transactions. The data is transmitted directly peer-to-peer.
  • There are no middlemen and no sales taxes.
  • You can purchase items from any country without currency conversation and delays.
  • Anyone can get a Bitcoin wallet without disclosing their personal data, and the number of wallets is not limited.

To make a payment with Bitcoin in VIPole:

1. Go to the account page on our website, click Top up and select Bitcoin as a payment method.
2. You will be directed to a page to pay using Bitcoin client.

Bitcoin payments are available for all countries around the world with no restrictions on amounts.

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