Full Feature List


  • Two secrets: password to access server and secret phrase to decrypt keys
  • Encryption with AES-256 and RSA-3072
  • End-to-end encryption
  • TLS connections between client and server
  • Encrypted data storage on client
  • Encrypted data storage of data on server
  • Data synchronization between server and all client connections for a user
  • View other self connections to server
  • Fake secret phrase to open data under pressure
  • Virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers
  • Close client application remotely
  • Lock client application when idle
  • Cose client application when idle
  • Visibility and invisibility lists
  • Black list
  • Can remove any sent or received message
  • Can clear history for any dates range or any contact
  • Auto delete messages when they expire

Instant messaging

  • Secure text messaging and chats
  • End-to-end message encryption
  • Spell checking
  • Editing sent messages
  • Deleting sent messages
  • Auto deleting messages when they expire
  • Encrypted storage for chat history at client
  • Encrypted storage for chat history at server
  • Restore message history from server
  • Sending messages to offline users
  • Delayed message delivery when sending message while not connected to server
  • Full text search in message history
  • Clear message history for any date range
  • Clear message history for a single contact on the contact list
  • Clear contact dialog window
  • Animated smiles
  • Preview sent and received images in dialog window
  • Paste and send images from clipboard
  • Automatic history synchronization when connected to the server from multiple clients at the same time
  • Group chat rooms
  • Special messages as interactive questions and answers
  • Sending messages to multiple receivers

Voice and video calls

  • Secure voice and video calls
  • End-to-end encryption of audio and video streams
  • Voice changer
  • Self IP-address masking
  • Hold calls
  • HD video
  • Adjustable video resolution: LD,SD,HD
  • Change video camera during video call
  • Change video resolution during video call
  • Full screen video mode
  • Multiple screens support
  • Switch video on/off during call
  • Multi user voice conference
  • Multi user video conference
  • Voice calls to landline and mobile phones

File transfer and storage

  • Secure file transfers
  • Secure encrypted file storage
  • End-to-end encryption of files
  • Sending files to offline user
  • Resume interrupted uploads and downloads
  • Pause/resume file upload and download
  • Encrypted file storage on client 
  • Encrypted file storage on server
  • Virtual drive VIPole 
  • Restore sent and received files from the server
  • Files and folders sharing
  • File manager

Password manager

  • Encrypted storage of passwords and credentials for any sites and services
  • Prompt to enter secret phrase before opening password manager
  • Open hyperlinks from password manager
  • Password generator
  • Can attach and store files with passwords such as certificates and keys
  • Can send password record to contact on contact list by drag and drop
  • Copy to clipboard either login or password or whole password record
  • Hidden password when viewing a password record
  • Text search within password manager records


  • Calendar of events, tasks and reminders
  • Encrypted storage of events, tasks and reminders
  • Assign tasks on contact in contact list
  • Publish events and reminders to contacts in contact list
  • Task sharing with contact on contact list
  • Track and keep task log
  • Notifications on task changes
  • Pre-notifications for the events and reminders
  • Single events and periodical notifications
  • Full text search within events, tasks and reminders
  • See all events, tasks and reminders on contact page for a contact

Notes manager

  • Encrypted storage of any text notes
  • Associating notes with contacts in contactlist
  • Full text search within notes
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