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Add a contact

To add a user to contacts, you need to know the VIPole login of the user. When you have no contacts, your contact list is empty.

By default, unauthorized contacts cannot communicate (if the user has not changed the default settings), so to be able to send messages, the user should allow you to add him to your contact list. While the user has not confirmed your authorization request, he will not see your messages.

To add a user to your contact list:

  1. Click on the Add contact icon in the contact list оr click on + on the top of the contact list.
  2. Enter user’s login and click on the Search icon.
  3. When the user is found, send him an authorization request on adding to your contacts.
  4. If the user accepts your request, he will be added to your contact list and you will be able to start communicating and see the status of each other.

If you do not know the exact login of the user, you need to get the login from the user in person or another way outside the VIPole. Also you can inform your login to friends and colleagues and invite them to connect with you in VIPole through applications on Android and iOS devices.

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