VIPole application for iOS is available for download on the Apple Store

We are starting the soft launch of VIPole application for iOS. Now you can install VIPole 1.0 n your iPhone to stay in touch with friends and colleagues from the device that you use daily. The version available today is designed for those of our users who have been waiting for the opportunity to use VIPole on their iPhone.

This is the first version of VIPole for iOS, and it offers the basic features of the application: instant messaging, voice calls and group chats. You can view all self-connections in the app and disable them if one of your devices is left unattended. One more handy feature in this release is the password manager for the secure storage of multiple passwords. In VIPole, your passwords are encrypted with the keys that are known only to you.

The design of the application is specially developed for iOS. Everything is at your fingertips, and you can manage the settings and the contacts easily. After authorizing in the app, you will see the recent dialogues and you can instantaneously start the conversation with your most frequent contacts. At the bottom of the application window, your contacts and the profile sections are located, and the 'More' button that leads to additional functions and security settings.

We protect your data while you are inactive in VIPole: the lock screen notifications from VIPole on your iPhone do not contain a preview of the messages in order to protect your conversations from a casual glance.

The active users of VIPole will recognize that the iOS app now lacks the features that they are accustomed to use in the desktop version, such as file exchange and storage. A little more patience, please – the range of features in the app will be significantly expanded in the succeeding versions. We are working hard to make the iOS version of VIPole as multifunctional and handy as the versions for Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Android. The full list of VIPole features is available in the desktop version, including multiuser conferences and secure file exchange and storage. Use VIPole on your iPhone and on your Mac or PC simultaneously – the data is synched across all devices.

Download VIPole on the App Store, install it and communicate. We are looking forward to your feedback, please contact VIPole ID support or use our feedback form.