Secure voice mail

Voicemail feature highlights

Listening to voice messages
Voicemail makes it possible to play back a received voice message directly within VIPole without having to save it to your computer or smartphone.
Sending voice messages offline
A voicemail message can be sent to a conversation partner, even if he is offline at the moment. The message will be delivered as soon as the user connects to VIPole.
Changing voice while recording
While recording a voice message, you can change your voice so that it cannot be recognized. If you wish, you can make your voice sound very low or, vice versa, very high.
Saving and sending record files
Any incoming or outgoing voicemail message can be saved to your computer or forwarded to any contact from your contact list.
Sending voice messages to group chat
VIPole enables exchange of voice messages even in the mode of multi-user group chat.