Special features

IP-address masking

During message exchange, calls, transferring video or files VIPole masks your real IP address so that it can't be identified. IP-address masking provides security and anonymity on the Web. No one can know the real IP-address of your device and your location, as VIPole securely encrypts the network traffic and ensures its privacy.

Synchronization settings

Chat history, saved files, passwords, notes, calendar are synchronized between all devices on which you use VIPole. Thus, it doesn't matter, from where you connect to VIPole. Wherever you may be, you will always have the most recent version of your data. If you often use VIPole on different devices, you can set a time period, for which the data should be synchronized.

Voice changer

If you don't want your voice to be recognized during a voice or video call, just change the voice settings within VIPole. You can change the voice heard by your interlocutor, making it sound higher or vice versa lower.

Virtual keyboard

If you suspect that there is malicious software on the computer, which can track everything you type from the keyboard, use the built-in virtual keyboard VIPole. Data entered within VIPole via virtual keyboard can't be intercepted or recorded. Use the virtual keyboard for entering passwords, secret phrases, messages and any other text, which you type from the keyboard within VIPole.