Instant messaging

Instant messaging feature highlights

Editing and deleting sent messages
Any sent message can be edited or deleted from chat history.
Text layout and spell checking
VIPole checks spelling during the typing of a message. For the layout of the text use bold, italic, underlined or strikeout fonts.
Question message
To receive a prompt answer to your question, use a special message type. The answer will appear next to the question.
Auto deleting messages
VIPole makes it possible to set the time after which any sent message will be completely deleted from chat history.
Drag-and-drop files and contacts
To send a file or a contact, just drag it to the dialogue window or to the user's name in the contact list.
Pasting images from clipboard
To send an image (a screenshot) just copy it to clipboard and paste to the dialogue box.
Sending messages to offline users
You can send a message to an offline contact, and he will receive it, when he appears online again.
Multiple messages
You can choose any number of users from your contact list and send them the same message simultaneously.
Animated smiles
Use animated smiles during the typing of a message or disable the animation.

Encrypted group chats

You can invite an unlimited number of users to a group chat within VIPole.
Before creating a group chat VIPole generates individual encryption keys for chat encryption.
Any participant in the chat room can invite any user from his contact list.