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Run an Administrator dashboard

The Administrator dashboard is a built-in extension in the desktop client application for managing users and security settings of the Team account. To open the extension, start the VIPole desktop application and go to Main Menu> Extensions> VIPole Administrator.

Some basic options for user administration are also available on your Team account profile page.

When you run the extension to manage the Team account, you must enter the administrator password each time. When you first start the admin panel, you must set a password by creating encryption keys to protect the data of your Team account. Then you can proceed to manage your Team account.

On the main page of the dashboard, there is a list of members of the Team account. If you have not yet added users to your account, this list will be empty. Learn more how to add users to the Team account

Use the tips for administering the Team account to ensure maximum protection of your team's data in VIPole.

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