Our mission and vision

Businesses operate sensitive data daily, and vulnerable communication services pose risks for business reputation and trade secrets. Secure communication channels are essential when it comes to protecting the personal data of the customers, know-how, patents, financial documents, and major contracts. In addition, business success relies on the efficiency of the concerted actions of the team. This is why companies need a solution that would ensure safety without slowing down business processes. VIPole makes enterprise communications fast and efficient, providing a handy and secure platform for briefings, brainstorms, talks, conferences and workflows.

Our mission is to give a top-quality service for the people, where they can work smoothly and feel secure. Unauthorized people and even our team members are unable to figure out the contents of the conversations and documents of VIPole users. We have developed VIPole in such a way that the third party is completely eliminated from data exchange. The encryption keys needed to gain access to user data are known only to the users and are not stored anywhere. Without knowing the encryption keys, it is technologically impossible to disclose the data in VIPole. All the messages, files, voice calls and conferences in VIPole are encrypted end-to-end and stay within the secure perimeter.

VIPole is not just a secure messaging app, it is a comprehensive communication system developed by business for business. We have a deep understanding of enterprise challenges and problems as well as the importance of controlling the activity of employees, information exchange and workflows. We know what tools are necessary for collaboration, and we provide a broad range of features that accelerate business processes and protect the data of our customers.

About VIPole

VIPole was initially created for internal use. We did not want to entrust our critical data and conversations to third-party services, but there was no solution to meet our requirements. This is why we have developed a platform for corporate communication, where data flows are fully encrypted. Our partners and customers got interested in protecting internal communications, and it became clear that the product that we created is in demand in many areas. In late 2013 the first public version of VIPole was released. Our company name – VIPole – embodies multiple meanings that are important for us, including the technologies of data transmission and the people involved in the development of the service. Today VIPole is an entire line of products, including cloud and server solutions for secure communication, encrypted file exchange and team collaboration.

VIPole is the international company with headquarters in the UK and customers around the globe. Large and small businesses, banks, law firms, large transport companies and all who need a reliable, fault-tolerant communication system are our customers. We work for the people for whom privacy is paramount.