VIPole for Android 1.8.8: advanced security settings is group chats and last seen

The new VIPole for Android version has acquired the advanced security settings for group chats that earlier became available in VIPole for Windows, Linux and mac OS. Other options added for group chats include renaming them and changing featuring photos.

The list of advanced security settings includes:

  • Enabling invitations or allowing only moderators to invite new participants.
  • Allowing anyone or selected chat members to start conferences.
  • Hiding or showing history for new chat participants.
  • Configuring the self-destruction mode for messages in group chats.

Advanced security settings are available to chat creators, and if a chat creator configures the auto delete mode for messages – they are deleted automatically from the devices of all chat members and from the server after the set time period.

What’s new in the updated VIPole for Android 1.8.8?

New features and options

  • Advanced security settings for group chats;
  • Changing the featuring photos of group chats;
  • Renaming group chats;
  • Last online;
  • Optimized sound settings;
  • Selecting the color for notifications in notification settings.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Increased stability and improved performance.

Update your VIPole for Android app to the 1.8.8 edition or download the new version on Google Play. Our technical support is here to help you with anything that may be unclear for you: VIPole ID – Support, e-mail – contact@vipole.com.

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