VIPole Desktop 3.7.10: read confirmation, bookmarks bar, and new group chat features

The new VIPole desktop application includes lots of new features for group chats and a handful of privacy options such as hiding messages in chats. This is a major update and is highly recommended to make all new features available and apply fixes for smoother app performance.

What's new in VIPole Desktop 3.7.10?

New features

  • Bookmarks bar on the left to pin favorite contacts and group chats.
  • Message read confirmation for sent messages in chats.
  • Showing time of the last recent message and number of unread messages in the contact list with the option to mark all unread messages as read without opening the chat.
  • Hiding messages with the option to set a period to enable hiding chat history automatically.
  • Hiding the deleted messages from chat history.
  • Lots of new features for group chats:
    • Disabling chat members to send messages to group chat so only the owner or selected members can send messages.
    • View and manage all group chats shared with a contact with the option to delete the user from selected chats.
    • View the list of users who read sent messages.
    • Transfer chat ownership to another user.
    • Recovering group chats after the user resets a secret phrase. To open such chats you need to request the chat members to invite you back.
  • New mode for Team account users: the administrator can set an option allowing the Team member has a password equal to a secret phrase. The option reduces security but is helpful for new team members.

Fixes and improvements

  • Enhanced spell checking along with the option to select several languages used for spell checking.
  • Improved quality of voice and video calls and fixes for faster call connection.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Update your VIPole desktop application to the 3.7.10 version through the Main menu > Tools > Check updates or download the new version for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS at the Download page. If you face any difficulties or you have questions about the new version – please, contact VIPole technical support.