VIPole Desktop update 3.7.0: conferences for 256 people, new group chat features, bulk operations in the Business account

A brand new format of big team communications is now available for VIPole users – audio and video conferences for 256 people. Conferences can be created within group chats with immediate invitations for all participants. Moderators are added to manage discussions in multiuser chats. There is a number of updates for Business accounts: now administrators can perform bulk operations with users.The update is already available for Windows users, Mac OS and Linux versions will be ready a little bit later.

In this version, you can switch from the group chat directly to the conference, where you can simultaneously see the chat participants, share documents with them and send instant messages. Moderator assignment is added to manage the chat members and their messages.

When you are an active participant of several group chats devoted to different topics, it is sometimes difficult to concentrate on the current tasks because of constant pop-ups. Therefore, the update includes managing the notifications of group chats. Set notifications in accordance with the level of awareness that you prefer:

  • Show all incoming messages.
  • Show only the messages in which you are mentioned.
  • Disable notifications.

Business account settings management is improved in the update and bulk operations are added. It is now possible to export the settings of users as a security template and then apply this template to other users.

Please note that after updating unauthorized contacts will be unable to exchange messages. This rule applies to all by default, to protect users from potential spam and other undesirable messages. If you are chatting with a person who is unauthorized for some reason, and you are interested in continuing communication – you need to authorize each other.

New features

  • Сonferences: instant creation of videoconferences and audioconferences introduced for group chats with up to 256 participants, 9 people can talk simultaneously.
  • Group chats: moderator assigning.
  • Notifications: notification settings for new messages from contacts and group chats.
  • Privacy settings: hiding phone numbers and group chats from the contact list.
  • Files: a feature added to save a group of files from history and forward them.
  • Files: a button added to forward files from history to contacts.
  • History: a hotkey Ctrl+Shift+H introduced to open the entire history.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved scrolling in the contact list.
  • Fixed starting dialogue of proxy settings.
  • Improved automatic updates system.
  • General bug fixes and improved performance.

New features and improvements in the Business account

  • Bulk user operations: moving groups of users to a different account and deleting groups of users.
  • Applying security templates to all users – new and existing.
  • Display of the current status of group members added.
  • Easy search in the list of account members added.
  • The interface of the administrator extension opening dialog improved.
  • Fixed scroll on the settings page.

The 3.7.0 desktop update for Windows, Linux and Mac OS is available for download at the Download page. It is necessary to turn off your antivirus to install the update, don’t forget to turn it on later.