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For teams, startups, and small business

In-house solution for companies

Encrypted instant messaging
Encrypted voice calls
Encrypted video calls
Encrypted file sharing
Unlimited group chats
Voice conferences
Video conferences (up to 256 users)
Screen sharing
Voice messaging
Calls to mobiles and landlines
Message delivery status
Message read status upcoming upcoming upcoming upcoming
Searchable message history
Assigning moderators in chat rooms and conferences
Calls to mobiles and landlines
Adjustable video quality: LD, SD, HD
Editing sent messages for any period
Sending messages to multiple users
Question messages
Forwarding messages
Forwarding files
Rich text editing
End-to-end encryption
Encrypted data storage on the server 1GB 30 GB 30 GB per user unlimited, on the own company server
Encrypted sync across devices
Encrypted local storage of message history on devices
Encrypted local storage of sent and received files on devices
Encrypted storage of passwords, notes, tasks and events in the calendar on desktop and mobile devices
Security and privacy
Security settings for contacts
Security settings for group chats
Hidden contacts and group chats
Black list of contacts
Privacy settings for authorization requests
IP masking
Virtual keyboard
Status visibility settings
Deleting sent messages
Deleting sent files
Auto burn message mode for all contacts
Auto burn message mode for contacts individually
Deleting the whole chat history
Deleting a chat history for a period
Clearing chat window
Voice changing
Manual program lock
Managing notifications
Partial history deletion for any contact
Deleting history for any range of dates
Managing active sessions
Auto app lock
Auto logout
Fake secret phrase mode for emergencies
Productivity and collaboration tools
Password manager
Password generator
Sharing passwords securely
Task manager
Assigning tasks to contacts from the contact list
Tracking task progress
Encrypted notes
Calendar with reminders
File import from iCloud, Dropbox and other apps to VIPole mobile apps
File export from VIPole mobile apps to other applications
Administrator control and security
Administrator dashboard for user management and billing
User provisioning and deprovisioning
Managing user encryption keys and passwords
Managing settings of account members
Blocking account members
Control of user connections
Disconnecting users from the server
Tailoring security policies
Security templates for restricting access to data
Customizing user profiles
Managing user contact lists
Contact list templates for users
Special emergency protection modes
Network access policies
Scalable configuration
System monitoring and load balancing
Active Directory/LDAP integration and sync
SIP server integrations: Asterisk, 3CX and others
Monitoring system

Individual Free

Individual Pro



  1. Free subcription plan can be upgraded to Pro subscription plan as well as switched back at any time.
  2. Calls to landline and mobile phones are encrypted only between VIPole clients and VIPole servers, then they go unencrypted between VIPole servers and phones.
  3. Calls to landline and mobile phones are provided as additional service and are not free. Check VIPole Phone Calling Rates.
  4. Some of the features are currently available only for VIPole desktop clients on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, but are still planned for Android and iOS platform.
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