VIPole iOS update 1.3: video calls and advanced security settings for chats

If you are the user of VIPole application for iOS, you can video call your friends right now. During video calls, your data is encrypted and transferred via secure channels, just like during voice calls. This update also provides new privacy settings: you can hide your IP address during calls and configure automatic deletion of messages in each chat individually.

During a video call you can:

  • Switch between the call, chats and other application features,
  • Switch between the front and the back camera and turn the camera off,
  • Set the image quality: LD, SD or HD,
  • Disable the speaker,
  • Mute the microphone.

New security settings

The IP hiding feature is added to the security settings tab: More > Security > Hide IP during calls > Hide IP for all contacts.

In the new version of VIPole for iOS, auto delete messages in personal and group chats can be set individually in the security tab of each chat. Click on the Security icon in the toolbar over the top of the chat and set the suitable time for removing messages: from 1 minute to 3 months. Auto deleting will be applied to messages in the chat since the moment the option was chosen.

What’s new in VIPole for iOS 1.3?

New features

  • Video calls,
  • Hiding the IP-address for all contacts,
  • Individual auto delete messages settings in personal and group chats: now you can not only configure auto delete messages globally, but also specify the time for each chat.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Handy selection of contacts when mentioning them in chats,
  • Access to the camera and the contacts is requested only when you use these functions,
  • More stable performance.

Video calls are the key component of this release – now video is available in all VIPole applications. During video calls, user data is encrypted on devices and transmitted via secure channels. Try VIPole video calls and speak about your impressions. The ID (username) of VIPole tech support is Support, you may also contact us via e-mail: contact@vipole.com

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