VIPole International Call Rates – call securely worldwide

VIPole International call rates are now available to VIPole users who want to make calls to landlines and cell phones securely anywhere in the world.

Check out VIPole’s international call rates for calls to landlines and cell phones

Take note:

  • call charges are in addition to your VIPole subscription plan;
  • charges are in USD per minute;
  • charges do not include VAT;
  • calls round up to the next minute;
  • call rates are subject to change without notice.

VIPole VoIP service is available to both Professional VIPole and Free VIPole subscription plan users. However, keep in mind, there must be more than 0.01 USD on the account to make secure calls.

VIPole news are available on the VIPole Secure Messenger official website, facebook and twitter.

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