VIPole Desktop 3.7.12: new features for Team accounts

A lot of new features and improvements come along with the new update for the owners of Team accounts both in the application and on the account profile page on the site. Now part of the basic operations with users are also available on user profile page on the site.

What's new in VIPole Desktop 3.7.12?

New features

  • Basic user management operations became available to administrators on the user profile page on the site - invitation of new participants, blocking, promoting administrators.
  • Invitation of new Team members via email through the site and admin dashboard in desktop application.
  • Invitation of already registered users through the VIPole application to join the Team account.
  • All new members of the Team account are added to the dynamic contact group and appear in each other contact list.
  • Added the option to prevent members of the Team account from editing and deleting messages.
  • Ability to choose a template for security settings when inviting new members.
  • Added the ability to delete a user from the list of contacts of Team account members, when deleting from the dynamic group of contacts.

Other options and fixes

  • Ability to clear the list of recent chats, either clear a single chat, or the entire list, or prevent selected chats from being added to the Recent list.
  • Improved window for sending images from the clipboard - displaying the image in full size with the option to scroll and crop the desired fragment before sending.
  • Fixes of minor bugs and improved performance.

Upgrade your VIPole application to version 3.7.12 from the Main menu> Settings> Check for updates or download the new version for computers on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. If you have questions about the new features, contact our support team.

Kapat XX