The terms of the Free subscription have changed

The Free VIPole subscription plan now has new opportunities that were previously available only to Professional account owners – deleting messages and creating the unlimited number of chats.

Now, regardless of the subscription, users can delete their messages sent at any time. The deleted messages are removed from all devices of all participants of personal and group chats. The feature is now available in the desktop version of VIPole, in Android and iOS apps deleting messages will become available for free users in the next update.

Note, that deleting files was available in the free version of the app earlier, and message editing is available only for Professional account users.

Another innovation has touched group chats – now their number for free account users is unlimited. Create any number of chats and invite any number of participants.

The adding of the message deleting feature for free VIPole users is the answer to the requests of our users. We’ve heard them.

Kapat XX