VIPole iOS 1.9: purchases in the app and calls to mobile and landline phones

VIPole for iOS now includes calls to contacts from the phone book and managing payments: purchasing and renewing the Pro account. The Pro subscription allows users to ensure a higher level of data protection, edit messages, manage history and control connections from all devices remotely. Pro account owners have their history and files stored encrypted on phones, tablets and computers, which eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to their content. Now you can easily switch to the Pro subscription in the iOS app.

In the new version of the iOS application, you can call the users who are not registered in VIPole and prefer traditional phone calls. This also allows you to save money on international calls. Learn more about calls to mobile and landline numbers from VIPole and calculate the cost of calls on the «International calls» page.

How to upgrade to Pro

Go to Profile > tap Upgrade > select the subscription period: 1 month, 6 months or a year > confirm the purchase.

How to top-up a Pro account

Go to Profile > tap Top-up > select the amount from $ 4.99 to $ 49.99 > confirm the purchase.

Read more about the advantages of the Pro account in our blog. A comparison table for the various types of VIPole accounts is available on the pricing page.

In one of the upcoming updates, multi-user conferences will be added to the iOS app. More details about the features of VIPole conferences, which are already available in the desktop applications and in VIPole for Android, are provided on the «Multiuser conferencing» page and in the blog.

What’s new in VIPole for iOS 1.9?

New features

  • Calls to mobile and landline numbers;
  • Upgrading to Pro;
  • Subscription renewal;
  • Topping up the balance;
  • The 'Black list' option for authorization requests.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Optimized energy saving;
  • Updated password manager structure;
  • Refined design of login screens;
  • Adding contacts from the phone book with their name;
  • Improved interaction with the Bluetooth headset;
  • Quickly starting calls by taping on push-notifications.

Update VIPole on your device to the 1.9 version or download the new application version from the App Store. If you have any questions about upgrating to Pro, our tech support is ready to answer, VIPole ID (login) – Support or contact@vipole.com.

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