VIPole Desktop update 3.5.17: interface improvements, voice and video call fixes, synchronization fixes

Today we released the new VIPole update version 3.5.17 for Windows Desktop, including several bug fixes and improved performance. VIPole clients for Mac OS and Linux will also be updated to version 3.5.17 soon.

What's new in VIPole Desktop update 3.5.17?

New Features

  • business accounts: enabling and suspending of user packages via built-in extension for business account management;
  • encrypted file storage: disabling encrypted file storage via settings requires entry of the user’s secret phrase;
  • incoming calls: user’s can now take incoming calls while the VIPole application is blocked.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • voice calls: improved speed and stability of the voice call setup;
  • video calls: improved speed and stability of the video call setup;
  • improved user interface: the contact window now has a tabbed layout for a more comfortable working area;
  • user interface: updated dialogue window for adding a new user to the contact list;
  • password manager: when requesting a secret phrase for opening the password manager the application redirects to the start window;
  • password manager: scrolling functionality within the folders and fixes implemented for search functionality;
  • better window management for remembering window location and size;
  • synchronization fixes for better performance and better contact list synchronization during bad connections;
  • fixes for file transfers;
  • fixes for the group chat contact list.

VIPole update version 3.5.17 for Windows is available for download from Download page. A Linux and Mac OS update will follow soon. If you are already using the VIPole messenger, check for updates using the main menu by selecting Help > Check Updates.

Note: To apply updates you must turn off your antivirus protection. After the update you can restart your antivirus protection once again.

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