VIPole Desktop update 3.2.0: HD video calls

We are proud to present the latest version 3.2.0 of VIPole Secure Messenger for Windows and Mac OS users. Beside instant messaging and calling other VIPole users via a secure channel, the new version allows you to make HD video calls.

The new VIPole boasts several new services:

  • store passwords securely;
  • save important notes;
  • keep a daily planner;

We have updated the interface and significantly improved the performance and operating algorithms of the application. In light of these updates, to begin using VIPole version 3.2.0, please re-register and create a new VIPole user profile.

Please note:

  • the new VIPole 3.2.0 application is not compatible with older versions;
  • communication between users running different versions is not possible;
  • users of older versions will be unable to add new users to their contact lists;
  • support will remain in place for older versions until February 2014, beyond this date, maintenance will be suspended.
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