VIPole Corporate server: integration with LDAP

A long-awaited feature for large companies is added – the LDAP integration. This allows to apply the security policy of the company not only via the built-in VIPole administrator extension, but also using the LDAP synchronization, such as Active Directory and OpenLDAP.

Integration with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) significantly accelerates the deployment of VIPole Corporate server, since there is no need to manually enter the data of new users into the system. VIPole can work with the existing databases of companies that include full user profiles. Another important advantage is the additional opportunity to monitor the security of employee passwords and manage their regular reset.

When integrating with LDAP, the administrator can configure centralized security policies for passwords and monitor their complexity, length, duration of use and regular reset. To verify the reliability of user passwords, you can now use an independent third-party service. Use VIPole password manager to generate random strong passwords.

Integration with the LDAP protocol extends the list of admin opportunities for centralized management and control of user settings. Now VIPole Corporate server administrator can block users not only via the admin panel, but also directly via LDAP, if any risks to the security of the system are detected. Now VIPole supports integration with Active Directory and OpenLDAP, and later LDAPS and LDAP + StartTLS will be added.

In addition to working with LDAP, bulk operations on users in VIPole include centralized management of users’ contact lists users and creating security templates to control access to data on devices and on the server.

If your company is already using LDAP – you will easily shift team communications to VIPole. To get the free VIPole Corporate server trial version and to discover the new opportunities, please contact our sales department.

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