VIPole Android update 1.8.1: quick access to the password manager, notification settings and selecting the font size

For quick access to the password manager, you can now set a special unlock code or turn off the protection when you are authorized. In the application security settings, there are three options for access: a secret phrase, a short unlock code, or the unprotected access. If you have disabled access to your passwords using a secret phrase or an unlock code, we recommend you to set VIPole autolock or auto logout to prevent unauthorized users from viewing your confidential data.

A number of new options added in notification settings for displaying messages and the status of downloads. If you are sure that no one else can access your device, you can select the display of text messages on lock screen and always stay aware about team discussions, even when you are not active in VIPole and your phone or tablet is locked. By default, the text of messages you get in VIPole is hidden on lock screen to protect your privacy.

What’s new in the updated VIPole for Android 1.8.1?

New features and options

  • Protecting access to the password manager: setting the unlock code or selecting access without a code or a secret phrase.
  • Message preview on the lock screen: enabling or disabling the display of message text in notifications.
  • Downloads: enabling and disabling notifications of downloaded and sent files.
  • Chat interface settings: displaying messages in bubbles or in plain text.
  • Selecting the font size for messages.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Grouping recent messages by time periods: today, yesterday, this week, this month.
  • Bug fixes and increased stability.

Update your VIPole for Android application to version 1.8.1 or download the new VIPole version on Google Play. If you have questions about the new version, please contact our technical support: ID – Support, e-mail – contact@vipole.com.

To get VIPole for Android updates before other users and share your ideas with developers – you’re welcome to become the application beta tester. More about VIPole beta testing program.

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