Introducing Bonus program: start gaining bonuses today

VIPole Bonus Program is now available for all VIPole users! Invite new people to try VIPole and get rewards – it’s simple. The bonuses will arrive on your account balance after the first purchase of the invited users. Every new user may reduce your own costs in VIPole. With a certain level of activity, you will no longer need to spend money on VIPole services – use your bonuses instead. Moreover, the invited users also get bonuses, as VIPole Bonus program is designed to reward all the participants.

How it works

The Bonus program is easy: when you invite people – you earn bonuses, and then you may use the bonuses within VIPole to pay for our services, including external calls to mobile and landline phones. VIPole Bonus program provides value for both the referrer and the referred user, as the latter earns bonuses as well.

Every VIPole user has a unique referral link that serves for inviting new users and identifying them as leads. Get your referral link or a promo code on your account page and send it to the people you want to invite.

Getting bonuses is easy – you only need to share the promo code with friends and colleagues or to add the referral link to your website. Informing people about VIPole is no different from sharing any other valuable information on the net: take the advantage of social media, chats, blogs, and forums or just send your message via E-mail. Whichever means of communication you choose, when people use your referral link to register – they may bring bonuses.

Bonus program brings benefits for every user

You get bonuses if your referrals purchase VIPole Professional or the Business account. The bonus for the first payment of each invited user is added to your balance if your referrals purchase their accounts within 3 months after the invitation. The referrals earn bonuses as well, because 30% of their first payment is returned to their accounts.

Active participation in the Bonus program is not a duty, it’s your power. Use bonuses to cover your purchases in VIPole partly or completely. 1 bonus in VIPole is equivalent to 1 USD. When you have bonuses, you don’t need money in VIPole. The more people you attract – the more money you save for your calls and subscription payments. Meet new people, communicate and earn bonuses for it!

Full terms and conditions of VIPole Bonus program

Note, that the Bonus program brings bonuses that can be spent only within VIPole. If you have the time and the desire to make real money by referring people to VIPole, you may consider our other affiliate programs.

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