Great VIPole updates are coming in February

The new VIPole version has several new features:

  • video calls in HD quality;
  • password manager;
  • task manager;
  • notes service;
  • calendar and day planner;
  • server-based file storage.

We have also improved VIPole overall performance, the sound quality during voice calls and upgraded the synchronization mechanisms for incoming and outgoing messages.

We have made the VIPole interface more user-friendly and added more options, including:

  • spell check functionality within text messages;
  • animated emoticons;
  • virtual keyboard to enter passwords and secret phrases;
  • automatic shutdown after a period of inactivity;
  • special message type – interactive messaging displays the header message or question first, thereafter answers received display directly following the header message.

The new version of VIPole Secure Messenger releases early February. Keep an eye on our newsfeed for an announcement of the release date!

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