VIPole Desktop update 3.6.1: hidden contacts, new privacy settings, contact list managing, business account emergency tools

Today we are rolling out VIPole Desktop update 3.6.1. In this release, we put extra focus on customizing privacy and protecting your data from unauthorized access. In addition, the update provides you with a set of tools to manage your contacts. The interface has undergone notable changes in the update: we have enlarged the fonts to facilitate handy interaction. The dialog windows are refined.

The improvements in VIPole Desktop update 3.6.1 are aimed at strengthening your privacy. The new contact list settings protect users from undesirable communication. Only you decide who can contact you in VIPole. Centrally controlled security settings allow you to customize your VIPole communication according to your preferences.

As soon as you download VIPole Desktop update 3.6.1 , you will be able to manage your contact list in a more sophisticated way, hiding contacts from prying eyes and setting a fixed online status for special contacts.

In the latest VIPole version, you can limit the range of people who can send authorization requests to you. There are three options to make your contact list meet your requirements, you may:

  • allow all VIPole users send authorization requests to you.
  • set a question for the potential contacts to answer.
  • deny access to all the users that send authorization request to you.

Now let us introduce some of the new features that Business Account users will get with the latest VIPole update. In this update, we put an emphasis on refining the contact list settings for better privacy protection. You can now arrange the settings in a way to communicate with the Business Account users only.

Centralized management of security settings in VIPole Desktop update 3.6.0 includes emergency protection options. Now you can block a member urgently or clear the message history of the user immediately. These measures protect your data not only from external threads, but also from insiders.

The updated version of Business Account includes a set of special features for data protection. You can now prohibit file downloads from the server for certain users if you do not want your data to be stored elsewhere.

What's new in VIPole Desktop update 3.6.1?

Interface and fixes

  • Visual refinements of the contact list.
  • Start dialog changed for handier interaction.
  • Visual refinements of the task editor and the reminder editor.
  • Contact adding menu changed in group chats, tasks and reminders.
  • Video call improvements.

Contact list

  • The new type of contacts introduced – hidden contacts.
  • Setting a fixed online status for particular contacts.
  • Blocking messages from the users that are not in your contact list.
  • Privacy settings for authorization requests: allowed for all, open after an answer to the question, denied for all.

File exchange and storage

  • Changing the folder for file storage, storing files separately from the profile.
  • Downloading the files automatically, without clicking on them in the dialog window.

Privacy settings

  • Self IP-address masking for all or for certain contacts.
  • Setting the expire date for auto deleting messages for all or for certain contacts.
  • Saving the secret phrase for auto login.

Task manager

  • Task assigning on multiple observers.
  • Collaborative work with the tasks improved.

Business Account special features

  • Customizing contact list settings to communicate only with Business Account users.
  • Emergency tools: an urgent member block button.
  • Emergency tool: message history clearing.
  • Blocking auto login for members.
  • Blocking file downloads from the server.
  • Managing IP-address masking.
  • New settings for auto deleting messages.
  • Disabling the users to change their contact list.

You can download VIPole update 3.6.1 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS starting today at the Download page. Note that before updating VIPole you need to temporarily turn off your antivirus protection. Don’t forget to turn it on again later.

We are excited to see your feedback! Do not hesitate to contact our help desk if you face any difficulties using the service or want to share your ideas on VIPole development.

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