Account page and payment updates for Team account owners and affiliates

We have improved account page structure and added new sections to make subscription and settings management handier. New principles for Team account payments are implemented on the new account page. For VIPole affiliates, new materials are now available on the account page: presentations, banners, instructions, and video.

Updated Team account management

It’s now easier to manage payments since user packages are united into one account with a single billing period. Pay for the subscription of all users of your Team account from a single account balance. On the account page, you can change the subscription period and increase or decrease the number of users in your account.

If you have previously operated several user packages – a single account with the longest payment period you had will unite them, if there’s a gap in payments – we will refill it for you for free. These rules apply only to active users packages.

New promotional materials for affiliates

We have improved account page interface for affiliate program participants, and it is easy to monitor registrations of invited users and your income. New banners and promotional materials are added to the account page, they are designed to help you attract referrals.

Recommend VIPole to friends and get bonuses and money accrued to your account. More about affiliate programs.

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