VIPole Partner Program

VIPole Partner Program is an affiliate program best suitable for site owners and bloggers. If your audience online is large and you would like to benefit from inviting these people to VIPole without any extra efforts – the Partner program is a solution.

Attract new people to VIPole and get rewarded for it. Within the program, it is easy to convert your traffic and popularity into money. The program does not bind you to any obligations – it’s up to you to decide when to devote time to it.

To become the partner’s lead in the Partner Program the invited user only needs a referral link or a promo code. The more leads you attract to VIPole – the more is your income. You’ve got everything necessary for a stable extra income!

Benefits list

  • Both the partners and the leads get rewards,
  • The partners earn the commission for all the purchases and payments of the leads,
  • 30% of the lead payments are added to the accounts of the partners,
  • The commission for all the payments of every lead is paid to the partners during 1 year,
  • 15% of turnover from the leads of the attracted partners is also paid to the partners,
  • 30% from the first purchase is returned to the account balance of the lead as a bonus,
  • A 5% discount for the leads when purchasing VIPole Corporate Server,
  • All VIPole advertising materials and guides are provided,
  • No activity obligations,
  • The money can be either withdrawn or spent on VIPole products and services.

How to join and make money

All VIPole users may participate in the Partner Program.

To invite leads to VIPole the partners just share the referral link or the promo code with them. You may join the Partner program and get the referral link and the promo code on your VIPole account page.

The partners get the commission from every purchase their leads make in VIPole including the payments for the Professional and the Business accounts, the calls to cell and landline phones, the purchase of VIPole corporate server and the payments for the additional services.

Marketing plan for "VIPole Partner" program (Appendix 1 to the Partnership Agreement, version of October 7, 2015)

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